Cost Cutter – Online Puzzle Game

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Cost cutter is yet another block removal puzzle game by

Originally Cost Cutter is designed in a way that nobody can see that you’re playing a puzzle game. In fact, your boss and colleagues will think that you’re working harder than ever before.

Game story : In times like these everyone is always telling you to keep the costs down. And that’s just the challenge in this game. Just click on START WORKING. The game will open in what appears to be a spreadsheet program. Click combinations of two or more blocks with the same color out of the chart. If the data reaches the end of the chart, it will fall off and you’re game over. In your menu bar you’ll find your score and level.

If your boss approaches, you can hit the space-bar; the game pauses and all the game elements will disappear from the program. When he’s gone hit it again and the game will continue.

Keep the data as low as possible and your points will sky rocket. Happy Puzzling!

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