Green Pieces – Earth Friendly Jigsaw Puzzles

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TDC Games, a well-known maker of board games and unusual jigsaw puzzles, just released Green Pieces. Earth Friendly Jigsaw Puzzles is a series of four 500 piece jigsaw puzzles that have been laminated with a special paper that contains the seeds of various wildflower species.

“Planting the pieces will actually grow flowers,” says Larry Balsamo, president of TDC Games. “They take a while, but if you water them regularly, they will look pretty and also reduce your carbon footprint.”

Aside from having the capability of growing everything from Evening Primrose to Spurred Snapdragons, Green Pieces also feature puzzle images with unique ecological themes. ‘Ameri-Cans‘ features an American Eagle that is composed of over 3,500 aluminum cans… or the same amount that is discarded in the U.S.A. every single second. ‘I Need a Hug‘ is an image of a Panda made from 2,000 smaller pictures of logging operations. The puzzle points out that there are less than 2,000 Pandas left in the world largely because of deforestation of their natural habitat.

“We wanted to create the greenest products possible,” said Balsamo. “Using the flowers as a carbon offset has been a unique way to accomplish that goal… and plant the seeds of environmental awareness… so to speak.”

All four of the Green Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles are available at and at toy, gift, book and department stores nationwide at a suggested retail price of $15.99

TDC will also be releasing THE GREEN GAME, a much anticipated board game designed to be a fun way to increase environmental awareness, in mid-May, 2009. Happy Puzzling!

[Via TDC Games]

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