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Circles and Squares – Online Strategic Puzzle Game


Circles and Squares is a nice physics based strategic puzzle game by LegitGames.

Turn the world upside down as you move your heroic blue shapes home and free them from the tyranny of their red shape oppressors. Spin and click your way through 50 levels to glory. A walkthrough for Circles and Squares is also available. Happy Puzzling!


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Green Pieces – Earth Friendly Jigsaw Puzzles


TDC Games, a well-known maker of board games and unusual jigsaw puzzles, just released Green Pieces. Earth Friendly Jigsaw Puzzles is a series of four 500 piece jigsaw puzzles that have been laminated with a special paper that contains the seeds of various wildflower species.

“Planting the pieces will actually grow flowers,” says Larry Balsamo, president of TDC Games. “They take a while, but if you water them regularly, they will look pretty and also reduce your carbon footprint.”

Aside from having the capability of growing everything from Evening Primrose [Read More...]

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New Yorker Online Jigsaw Puzzles


The New Yorker has recently turned 85 years of magazine covers into online jigsaw puzzles.

Choose a level of difficulty from 1 to 3 and an easy-to-use app will randomly pick a cover going back to 1925 for you to tackle. From Saul Steinberg’s ‘View of the World from 9th Avenue’ to the Obama family terrorists, you can assemble hundreds of cover illustrations without ever repeating. Happy Puzzling!


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Zelli Bookcase – Puzzling Furniture


Zelli Bookcase is just another puzzling piece of furniture by DesignBoom.

Zelli designer’s own words: Zelli is a bookcase that takes the graphic system of a structure made of zellige (Moroccan mosaic). Zellige making is considered an art in itself. The art is transmitted from generation to generation by maâlems (master craftsmen). A long training starts at childhood in order to master exceptional skills. Assiduous attention to detail is very important in the process of creating Zellige works. The small shaped (cut according to a precise radius gauge), painted and enamel covered squares are then [Read More...]

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Cost Cutter – Online Puzzle Game


Cost cutter is yet another block removal puzzle game by

Originally Cost Cutter is designed in a way that nobody can see that you’re playing a puzzle game. In fact, your boss and colleagues will think that you’re working harder than ever before.

Game story : In times like these everyone is always telling you to keep the costs down. And that’s just the challenge in this game. Just click on START WORKING. The game will open in what appears to be a spreadsheet program. Click combinations of [Read More...]

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Seekee – Online Logic Puzzle Game


Seekee is a quite lean logic puzzle game coming in a kind of iPhone style.

Object of Seekee is to fit all the globs (correctly) in the patterns, rotate them by circling your mouse. Seekee starts very simple but gets more difficult after a few levels. Happy Puzzling!


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Qiller – Online Puzzle Game


Qiller is a simple but fun skill puzzle game by BuzzardGames.

In Qiller you have to fill a least 75 percent of the screen. Hold your mouse button to draw circles, grab extras, avoid other dots and moving objects. Happy Puzzling!


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