Zelli Bookcase – Puzzling Furniture

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Zelli Bookcase is just another puzzling piece of furniture by DesignBoom.

Zelli designer’s own words: Zelli is a bookcase that takes the graphic system of a structure made of zellige (Moroccan mosaic). Zellige making is considered an art in itself. The art is transmitted from generation to generation by maâlems (master craftsmen). A long training starts at childhood in order to master exceptional skills. Assiduous attention to detail is very important in the process of creating Zellige works. The small shaped (cut according to a precise radius gauge), painted and enamel covered squares are then assembled together in a geometrical structure as in puzzle to form the final single piece. The process has not varied for one millennium.

The Zelli Bookcase is a new and innovative way of using those traditional geometric motifs. The traditional shape provides plenty of surfaces that can be used functionally as shelves. Meanwhile, its industrial design offers a simplified assembly process that helps save space when transporting or storing the bookcase.

You can also watch a video about how all puzzle pieces of the Zelli Bookcase are put together. Happy Puzzling!

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