Earth Day Puzzles and Games

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Kaboose offers you some Earth Day (22nd of April) games, and other activities puzzles to go green and celebrate the planet.

For more green fun, visit Kaboose’s main Earth Day page where you’ll find cool activities like Earth Day coloring pages and printable puzzles.
– Clean Up Your World : Learn how you can help clean up your world in this fun online drag and drop game.
– Michael, Michael, Go Recycle! – Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park and stop all the litterbugs before time runs out!

Solve Earth Day puzzles and help save the planet!
– Endangered Sudoku
– Sudoku Recycler
Earth Day Puzzles Part 2
– a-Maze-ing Recycling
– Earth Day Word Search

Get out your pencils and pens and solve these Earth Day Word Searches.
– Beginners Search
– Medium Level Search
– Hard Word Search
– Take the Earth Day Word Search Challenge

Happy Puzzling!

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