Hamilton Sliding Puzzle Watch

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The new watch by Hamilton is more than just a regular chronometer, it can be your playmate when you are standing in a queue or waiting for a pizza to get tossed out of the oven. It can display up to four time zones and its jazzy design will help you keep up with the Joneses.

This watch is inspired from the watch that the company had specially designed for Stanley Kubrick’s movie, 2001: Space Odyssey. You can consider this wrist watch two-dimensional because it is extremely thin. It has a 48 mm by 42mm expensive titanium body which has nine squares in it like a sliding puzzle. The other three time zones which this watch covers are those of Dubai, Tokyo and New York.

Adjusting the time in this watch is very easy, all you have to do is move the corresponding miniature to the square in the middle and twist the crown to adjust it. After you are done with setting the time, you can continue playing with the squares again.

The size of the watch may bother you, as it is slightly on the bulky side, but not out-of-date in anyway! Priced at $2,700, it is a limited edition watch, so go grab one now! [via EliteChoice.org]

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