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Cluedoku: Aztec Icons – National Geographic Puzzle Game for Kids


Cluedoku is a lovely Sudoku based puzzle game for kids by National Geographic.

In this National Geographic puzzle game, race against the clock to line up the Aztec symbols before time runs out. Fill in the grid with the appropriate symbols, so that every row, column and large box contains all four images. If you want to replace a small box withe another symbol, simply select another Aztec symbol and place it on top.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Soap Set


Itís a puzzler! How do you make bathing a fun experience for all ages? Simple. With our Puzzle Piece Soap Set, getting clean has never been more fun! Each individual soap puzzle piece fits together to create one giant puzzle soap. Sharpen your mind and soap up your skin all at the same time!

Our fruit scented Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Soap Set contains six assorted color, hypoallergenic, glycerin, vegan soaps that interlock with one another. Great for kids learning colors and hand/eye coordination or makes for an delicious [Read More...]

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Mathteroids – Math Puzzle Game


Mathteroids is a cerebral update to the old classic Asteroids by TinyMania and turns this game into a brain training math puzzle game.

Object is to destroy asteroids by solving simple mathematical operations. Sounds easy but is not as there are more and more asteroids if you do not solve all equations in time. Next to that you need to avoid asteroids hitting the space ship by moving it around the game grid with your mouse. Happy Puzzling!

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Picnic in the Park 100-piece Jigsaw Puzzle Game for Kids


Picnic in the Park 100-piece Jigsaw Puzzle Game is part jigsaw puzzle part educational game.

The WackyWorld “Picnic in the Park” 100-piece Puzzle Game teaches kids to see and understand differences. Put together the puzzle then play the Observation Game.

The full-color game sheet looks like the puzzle, but there are actually 20 differences between them. Can you find them? For ages 5-12 years. Completed puzzle size of 24″x18″.

Available from for $29.99 Happy Puzzling!


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WereBox – Online Puzzle Game


WereBox is an addictive puzzle game by HoodaMath. At first glance they are ordinary Balls, there are thousands of them in every city. But they can transform into… boxes, other balls call them WereBoxes.

Object is to remove all the red Were Boxes or balls from the screen. Click on a Were Box to transform it into a Were Ball, or Click on a were ball to transform it back into a box. There are twenty lovely levels to† solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Attic Escape


Attic Escape is yet another Escape The Room Puzzle Game by Bored dot com.

Object is to Escape the attic by rummaging through the boxes and using your wits. Happy Puzzling!


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Light Up – Logic Puzzle Game


Light Up is a nice logic puzzle game by GameList.

Object of this logic puzzle game is to light up all the dark grey colored light bulbs by removing the limited number of light grey bulbs . A link to Light Up walkthrough is provided into the game. Happy Puzzling!


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