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Infinite Scroller – Online Maze Puzzle Game


Infinite Scroller is a simple maze kind of scroller puzzle game by MJK Games.

Object is to guide the white ball through the infinite scrolling maze. Try to reach the bottom of the screen. Try to get the power ups to increase speed. Use the arrow keys to move the ball. Happy Puzzling!


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Teleporter Escape – Escape The Room Puzzle Game


Teleporter Escape is another point and click room escape game type game created by RosianaD aka Rosedragon.

In Teleporter Escape, you awake to find yourself alone on a strange planet. Solve puzzles and find the teleporter pieces to escape the depressing planet. Find ‘earthy’ objects to get better score. Happy Puzzling


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Delightful Puzzles – Math Puzzle Weblog


At Delightful Puzzles you can find over 50 math related puzzles that would appeal to computer scientists and mathematicians.

The puzzles come in three categories, easy (# of puzzles 26),  moderate (13) and difficult (20). At the end of each puzzle you can also find the solution. Happy Puzzling!


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Four Wooden DIY Puzzles


Via I found four DIY puzzles (Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3 and Puzzle 4) you can make yourself and when finished you can try to solve them yourself or by your friends.

All you need do is visit your local DIY shop and buy the materials provided in the list. It’s just simple materials you need to make each of the four puzzles; some small wooden balls, piece of wood, brass curtain rings and some nylon strings. Happy Puzzling!


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Rotating Rings – Online Puzzle Game


Rotating Rings is a nice online puzzle game by Lucy’s Cafe.

Object of Rotating Rings is to split two interlocking rings of marbles into four colors, by rotating one ring at a time.

The aim is to return all the colored marbles into their original unmixed state. Happy Puzzling!


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Jetpack Jackass – Online Puzzle Game


JetPack Jackass is a lovely time wasting online puzzle game by AdultSwim.

Object is to help Sam win back his estranged soul mate by flying his homemade jetpack as high as possible, carelessly destroying countless airplanes, blimps, satellites and even the International Space Station on the way. Get to the moon and maybe, just maybe, she’ll find it in her heart to love you again. Happy Puzzling!


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Hate Red – Physics Puzzle Game


Hate Red is a very interesting physics based puzzle game by Elya Sikerin. If you hate red you it’s plus for this online puzzle game.

Object of Hate Red is to fire the limited number of balls given and try to hit all red objects to remove them. Happy Puzzling!


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