? Sudoku HD for iPad

? Sudoku HD is a simple to use,  extremely powerful, personal Sudoku game machine. We combined the beauty and simplicity of the touch interface; with automatic and unlimited puzzle generation.  Use this program for the rest of your life – you will never see the same puzzle twice!

For the Power Player:
? Sudoku HD provides the simplicity noted above, combined with a powerful set of solution tools that most closely maps the methodologies and techniques used by experienced solvers.

Sudoku HD for iPad features:

  • World’s Simplest Sudoku Interface  – Intuitive yet powerful – ‘Touch and drag to enter’
  • Automatic Puzzle Generation –  5 levels of difficulty – No Internet needed – Symmetric puzzles!
  • Statistics View – Track your best times!
  • Powerful set of solution tools – Eliminate the tedious tasks associated with solving difficult Sudoku.
  • Undo – Occasionally, everyone makes mistakes!
  • Play timer – Only runs while the puzzle grid is displayed – turn Device face down to stop timer!
  • Powerful and Useful Notation Schemes (pencil mark) – Player activated or automatic.
  • Unique ‘Flash’ Function – Automatically converts all single candidates into answers.
  • Simple Fast Input of external Sudoku (from Newspaper, books, etc)

? Sudoku HD is available from Apples App Store. Check also our Sudoku Variant webpage with over 40 different Sudoku variants. Happy Puzzling!

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