Tetris-Bot a Tetris Playing Lego Robot

Tetris-Bot is a Tetris-playing Lego robot by Branislav Kisacanin and made Tetris -Bot in order to engage his kids in a fun and educational project.

Tetris-Bot consists of a camera, a TI DM6437 DSP board (running my embedded vision and artificial intelligence algorithms), and a three-finger LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotic hand (that presses the keys on the computer keyboard).

Branislav Kisacanin was inspired by the Lego NXT Rubik’s Cube Solver and Lego Sudoku solvers and the Segway-like NXT robots. Unlike them, Tetris-Bot is not an NXT-only system, because the Brick has a limited input bandwidth. That’s why I use a TI DM6437 DSP board to analyze the images coming from the camera, recognize the new shape, and find the best place and orientation for it. The instructions are communicated to the NXT robotic hand via LEDs on the board. Watch the Tetris-Bot video on YouTube. Happy Puzzling!

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