IZZI – Patern Matching Puzzle by Thinkfun

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IZZI is a single player pattern matching puzzle by the world famous puzzle game maker Thinkfun.

Use the 64 Black and White pattern tiles to make a large 8×8 square. The only rule: Black touches Black and White touches White. This puzzle has lots of dead ends and lots more possibilities; it plays a little like a jigsaw puzzle. IZZI is soothing and patient, all ages (8+) will enjoy playing it from young children to parents and seniors.

There is also a colored version available called IZZI 2 with 12 colorful, diamond-shaped puzzle pieces and add 39 pattern-matching games: That’s IZZI 2! Puzzlers match pieces color-to-color and gain a new mastery of symmetry and spatial visualization. IZZI 2 is good for solo or team play and is a great educational product.

Buy IZZI or IZZI 2 from Amazon.com. Happy Puzzling!

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