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Traverse – Online Puzzle Game


Traverse is a nice and addictive online puzzle game is Sokoban style.

Object of Traverse, that will truly put your mind to the test, is to move your ship to the exit making sure you don’t stray to the vacuum of space.

Use the arrow keys to navigate your ship around the game grid. Traverse consists of many mechanics you’ve seen before, but taken to an all new level with superb level design. Non-linear game play allows you to choose which levels you would like to play. If a level is too hard, pick a [Read More...]

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Bricks Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Bricks Puzzle is a fun online puzzle game. You can practice your memory in this online puzzle game for hours.

Object is to find the identical bricks and remove them by clicking on the bricks. There are 5 levels. Remove all the bricks before it piles to the top. Happy Puzzling!


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Little Star Light – Online Puzzle Game


Light Star Light is an addictive one click online puzzle game.

Object of Little Star Light is to fly through space collecting stars in order to open galaxy gates, shoot enemies and train your reflexes making your mind work as never.

Can you solve all twenty challenging levels? Happy Puzzling!


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Bustin Blocks – Physics Puzzle Game


Bustin Blocks (Ice Edition) is yet another physics based match three puzzle game but this time inspired by the world famous puzzle game Tetris.

Object of Bustin Blocks is group at least three Tetris based shapes of the same color, free the animals and avoid the Tetris pieces to reach the top. There are two game mode, Free Mode and Puzzle Mode (with 30 levels).

You can also enjoy Bustin Blocks on your iPhone. Happy Puzzling!

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Rotato – Online Puzzle Game


Rotato is yet another match three online puzzle game.

In puzzle mode you’ll have to rotate the board to match up similar colored blocks by rotating the game board clockwise or counterclockwise. All colored blocks except purple and grey must be cleared to progress to the next level.

In endless mode, use your mouse to click on matching blocks. Rotate the board to shuffle the blocks and make bigger chains. The game ends when no more blocks can enter the board. Happy Puzzling!


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Puzzle Bubble Bros – Online Puzzle Game


Puzzle Bubble Bros is yet another Puzzle Bubble look-a-like online puzzle game.

Object of Puzzle Bubble Bros is to match up the mushrooms in groups of three or more of the same color to pop them off the puzzle. Have to say that the colors are not very distinctive as they could be.

Puzzle Bubble Bros is very addictive and will keep you puzzling for hours. Happy Puzzling!


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Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is a wooden jigsaw puzzle to decorate and to make that your kids will play with long afterward.

This solid wood, colorful craft set comes with a generous supply of decorating materials. Everything a child needs to complete a project that they can proudly call their own. Makes a great individual project, family activity, holiday craft, party activity, or party favor.

Let children “decorate-their-own” and watch their unique creative side shine. A fun way to foster creativity and allow children to be proud of something they’ve made themselves! An excellent [Read More...]

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