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Digital World – Online Puzzle Game


Digital World is a challenging online puzzle game.

Object of Digital World is to get the white square before the bar at the top runs out, indicating number of moves left. No, there are no impossible to reach white squares. They are all within 25 moves.

Use your arrow keys to move the center green box. The number on each square indicates how many squares you move from the square you are currently on. Happy Puzzling!


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Forest House Escape – Escape The Room


Forest House Escape is yet another puzzling escape the room puzzle game.

You are in the forest house and want to go out to spend some fun summertime. Unfortunately you don’t know how to open the door. Find items and solve puzzles to escape. Happy Puzzling!

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Rock Garden – Online Puzzle Game


Rock Garden is an addictive Sokoban based online puzzle game.

Object is to arrange the stones in your backyard. Rock Garden offers you two game modes: the Classic Game and Random Mode offering endless play. Players can earn over 100 collectible stones in the Classic Game, which can appear in the Random games and in the custom Gardens that players create themselves.

Play through over 100 levels in this stone-matching puzzler, each with its own unique layout, environment, and collectible stone. Happy Puzzling!


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Architecto – Puzzle Game


Architecto is yet another great puzzle game by Foxmind, also knwon from puzzle game Equilibrio.

Players use the 18 enclosed precision-cut blocks to construct three-dimensional structures corresponding to illustrated in the challenge booklet: it contains 50 illustrations, ranging from simple shapes, requiring only a few blocks to complex ones.

As players develop stronger notions of perspective and geometric concepts, the challenges become more demanding. A simple color code allows players to easily track their progress. Architecto appeals to children and adults alike by its captivating puzzles and the exciting but educational experience it procures. Happy Puzzling!

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Play Online Futoshiki


Futoshiki thanks to an email I received from Anthony. We wrote more than two years ago about an online version of Kakuro.

Like Sudoku, Futoshiki enormous popularity in Japan can be explained by its deceptive simplicity. Futoshiki (the name literally means “not equal”) is based on a simple grid into which, like the more famous puzzle, numbers are inserted according to a few simple rules.

The numbers one to four must be placed in each row and each column, without any repeats; “greater than” or “less than” signs – literally, “not equal” [Read More...]

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A Bonte Escape – Escape The Room Game


A Bonte Escape is the first Escape The Room Game by the Belgian independent game designer Bart Bonte. Frequent readers of this Blog will remember our interview with Bart Bonte.

Game story: You find yourself dropped in a strange room, but are you smart enough to get out of this strange room designed by Bart Bonte? Happy Puzzling!

Update: A Bonte Escape (walkthrough,solution)

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Lover – Physics Puzzle Game


Lover is yet another physiscs based online puzzle game by Flonga.

Object of this logic puzzle game is to bring the two lovers together by (re)moving blocks and collect as much hearts as possible while your re-united this lovely couple.

Can you solve all 25 lovely levels? Happy Puzzling!


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