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Deluxe Tangoes brings a whole new level of sophistication to our traditional Tangoes puzzle game. Packed in a sleek, handcrafted case of walnut and aluminum with matching puzzle pieces, it’s the perfect executive or corporate gift—and won’t disappoint even the most discerning game player. This challenging game includes two sets of seven playing pieces in walnut and aluminum, along with Card Set One – 27 cards with 54 puzzles and solutions. Hours of mind-challenging play for one or more people.

Tangoes Deluxe is a learning tool that combines artistic and mathematical elements to enhance visual perception ability; develop problem solving skills; creative thinking capacity and teamwork. The classic tangram forms a square. These seven pieces can also form an infinite number of abstract designs, human figures, animals and everyday objects. The object of the game is to form the image on the card using ALL seven puzzles pieces. Tangoes Deluxe can be played by one, two or in teams. From ages five to one hundred and five, all ages are delighted by the challenge of forming the puzzle presented with the seven dynamic pieces. Happy Puzzling!

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