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Wine Cellar Escape Game – Escape The Room


Wine Cellar Escape Game is yet another puzzling escape the room game by

Game story: A poor wine seller was unfortunately trapped inside a wine storage room.

Your object is to help the wine seller to escape from the wine cellar using the clues and objects found. Happy Puzzling!

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Oskar’s Counter-step Maze and More Mazes


Ever wondered what a 4D maze might look like? Or how your alter-ego might feel if trapped in a parallel-universe maze? Well now you can find out at

They have a huge selection of online mazes developed by the famous puzzle creator Oskar Van Deventer. The online maze puzzle I like most is Counter-step Maze which comes in different sizes. The smallest is easy to solve but the larger ones wil puzzle you for sure. Happy Puzzling!

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The Dream Machine – Point And Click Game


The Dream Machine is a unique point and click adventure by Anders Gustafsson from Sweden.

The game has been made out of clay and cardboard. Point and Click to finish the first chapter of this point and click game. You have to sign up to enter the beta version of this game, but it’s all wortht it. Happy Puzzling!


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Mr Bean Escape – Escape The Room


Mr Bean Escape is a nice escape the room puzzle game by with famous character Mr Bean.

Our famous character Mr.Bean is again put in trouble, by his usual foe. He is trapped inside his house. Help him now, to find his way out of that place,by using the clues and objects. Happy Puzzling!

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Music In Motion – Music Based Puzzle Game


Music In Motion is not your standard music based puzzle game. It is an experimental game to test how music and platformers can mix. You do not have to play to the rhythm, but rather the rhythm plays with you.

This is an exciting combination of Music and Platformer Genres, with 4 stages that have 4 different play mechanics. It IS all centered around your average platform game, but with a very large and musical twist. This is probably my most original flash I’ve made in a while.

Caution: The game is pretty tough, and it [Read More...]

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Aqualux – Online Puzzle Game


Aqualux is yet another addictive online pipe puzzle game.

Object of Aqualux is to guide the flow of liquid from the spigot to the drain. YOu can set your pipes by selecting two pipes and swap their location on the gamegrid. When done , hit the fast forward button at the bottom of the screen to send the water through. Happy Puzzling!


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Deluxe Tangoes – Puzzle Game


Deluxe Tangoes brings a whole new level of sophistication to our traditional Tangoes puzzle game. Packed in a sleek, handcrafted case of walnut and aluminum with matching puzzle pieces, it’s the perfect executive or corporate gift—and won’t disappoint even the most discerning game player. This challenging game includes two sets of seven playing pieces in walnut and aluminum, along with Card Set One – 27 cards with 54 puzzles and solutions. Hours of mind-challenging play for one or more people.

Tangoes Deluxe is a learning tool that combines artistic [Read More...]

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