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Acceleracers – Online Logic Puzzle Game


Acceleracers is an addictive online logic puzzle game.

Object is to connect the track piece from left to right to move a car across the realm. Just like the other pipe puzzle games. This time you have to move all the cars from left to right. Used track pieces of disappear after the are used to move a car from left to right. Happy Puzzling!


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Atomz – Online Puzzle Game


AtomZ is an addictive cool online puzzle game which will entertain your for hours.

Object is to links atoms to make them disappear. Match two or more of the same color or shape. Click on one and drag to form a bond. Get as many as you can to win this cool puzzle game. And you can also play against your friends on facebook. Happy Puzzling!


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Twist Bang – Match Three Puzzle Game


Twist Bang is yet another match three puzzle game. Match three blocks to create immense combos. Outsmart the fiendish bombs and locks, unleash the powerful glowing blocks and grab the highest score you can!

Use the mouse to rotate the blocks and try to create matches of 3 or more. Make sure you remove the bomb blocks as quickly as possible. Larger matches give you helpful glowing blocks that will remove other nearby blocks when matched. Happy Puzzling!


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Rubik’s 30th Anniversary Wood Edition


The World’s best selling and most famous puzzle has just turned 30! Our beautiful limited edition Wood Rubik’s Cube celebrates this milestone.

Erno Rubik invented the Cube 1974 in his home town of Budapest, Hungary. Rubik’s called his invention the “Magic Cube” He wanted a working model to explain 3-dimensional geometry, and ended up creating the worlds best selling toy.

More than 300 million Rubik’s Cubes have been sold world wide. If all the cubes were placed on top of each other it would be enough to reach the north pole from the south pole.

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PongOut – Online Puzzle Game


Pong Out combines two classic skill puzzle games from almost  30 years ago to make one new game.

Using just the mouse you will have to control both a Pong (on the right side) and Breakout game (on the left side) … at the same time! Left and Right movement controls Breakout and Up and Down movement controls Pong. Happy Puzzling!


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SunnyBoom – Online Puzzle Game


SunnyBoom is another addicting and challenging online physics based puzzle game by 4v4.

SunnyBoom is a smart logic puzzle game based on physics with 25 challenging levels to solve. Use various physical objects and help the Sun to boom and fall down into the exit.

Can you solve all 25 levels? Happy Puzzling!


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Fragger Bonus Blast – Online Puzzle Game


Fragger Bonus Blast is part 2 of physics based puzzle game Fragger.

Object is still to blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills. Fragger 2 comes this time with just 10 challenging levels of fun.

Use your mouse to aim and shoot by moving the mouse and clicking. Set the power by dragging the mouse towards or away form the grenade’s origin. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Check out Fragger for iPhone


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