Food & Wine Lover’s Puzzle & Quiz Book

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Food & Wine Lover’s Puzzle & Quiz Book enthusiasts will be happy to plow through 180 fun and stimulating word challenges and logic puzzles with a food and wine theme in the new collection. All puzzles and quizzes are food and wine themed to challenge the keenest of food and wine lover.

Quite possibly the perfect combination: food and wine paired with challenging puzzles. The Food and Wine Lover’s Puzzle and Quiz Book features over 200 word challenges and quizzes.

All the puzzles are crafted with epicurean-themes that will excite just about anyone’s pallet. The beautiful food-and-wine-themed design is a perfect complement to the fun and challenging puzzles inside. The collection features crosswords, word search, word-wheel, codewords, arrowords, kriss kross, pathfinder, and logic problems. Happy Puzzling!

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