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Brainteaser IcoSoku by Recent Toys is the latest addition to my puzzle collection. At first, I think it looks a bit like Dodek Duo puzzle.

IcoSoku is a brilliant Brainteaser with literally thousands of challenges. Place the number buttons randomly, then match the dots to the numbers. First remove all the dotted tiles and number buttons. Then place all twelve number buttons randomly on the Brainteaser. Now position the twenty dotted tiles so that all the dots surrounding each number button add up exactly to the number on the button. You’ve succeeded when you’ve placed all the dotted tiles correctly so the numbers match the surrounding dots, with no dotted tiles left over.

To create a new challenge simply swap a few number buttons and you have a new challenge to solve. IcoSoKu offers you endless puzzle pleasure. You can buy IcoSoKu at Amazon.com. Happy Puzzling!

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