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Ozee – Physics Based Platform Puzzler


Ozee is a great physic based platform puzzle game in which you can interact with the world however you want.

Join Ozee in his journey and explore exciting land of puzzles. Use your keyboard to move Ozee. Try to collect as many stars as possible. More instruction are inside of the game. Happy Puzzling!


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Color Lock – Online Puzzle Game


Color Lock is Rubik’s cube style online puzzle game by Aftergames.

Object is to rotate the two disks so you end up with three solid colors (red on the left, yellow in the middle and green on the right side – as shown when you press the solution button at the bottom – this will not solve the puzzle but show you only the solution). Happy Puzzling!


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National Geographic Zipper’s Cave Maze


Zipper’s Cave Maze is another great online puzzle game for kids with National Geographic Kid’s virtual pet called Zipper.

Object of Zipper’s Cave Maze is to navigate Zipper through 20 levels of underground cave mazes. Use the arrow keys and the spacebar to play this game. Happy Puzzling!

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Building Blaster 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Building Blaster 2 is another physics based building blast game.

Object is to place bombs and tools to blast the buildings to clear the red zones. Use timing to your advantage and avoid civilians and try to get the enemy for bonus points.

There are 50 levels to solve. If this is not enough to satisfy your puzzle skills you can also create your own levels with the built in level editor. Complete instructions are included in the game. Happy Puzzling!


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Open Doors 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Open Doors 2 is just more addictive puzzle fun with 35  challenging levels as sequel to part one of Open Doors.

Object is to move the square to the X with the arrow keys. Moving through lots doors which you can open just by the way you pass them. Use the R key to reset the level you are playing and press the S key to toggles sound on/off. Happy Puzzling!


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Pipe Job – Online Puzzle Game


Pipe Job is yet another pipe connect online puzzle game.

Object of Pipe Job is to connect the pipes and make sure the water gets to the other end. Careful though – many useless pipes have been placed all over the place to confuse you. Happy Puzzling!


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Rubik’s Cube can be solved in 20 moves


Rubik’s Cube is a toy that most kids have played with at one time or another for more than 30 years.

In July 1981 it was proven that you needed at  least 52 moves to solve Rubik’s Cube from any position.

Now three years after the official record in 2007 that Rubik’s cube can be solved in 26 moves a new record of just 20 moves have proven.

This recent revelation came from a joint project between big-brained mathematician Morley Davidson, from Kent [Read More...]

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