The Intimidator – Metal Puzzle Sculpture

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The Intimidator is not yet another metal puzzle sculpture by GarE Maxton but consist of two puzzles in to one, and one is to be honest very unexpected contemporary designed puzzle.

This design is by far the most complex metal sculpture by Maxton and it’s both mentally and physically intimidating, thus the name.

The Iintimidator breaks down into over 125 separate pieces made of Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Magnesium and Steel.

In addition to the standard notched pieces, Maxton used cap screws, springs, threaded parts, cylinders, hex bits and numerous circular borings to obtain the locking fit for two different assembly procedures.

There are some special parts within the puzzle sculpture that create an altogether different assembly … The Intimidator Puzzle Pistol. Happy Puzzling!

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