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Simpsons Room – Escape The Room


Simpsons Room Escape is another escape the room game by based upon the famous TV series The Simpsons.

Object of in this escape the room game is to find The Simpsons and their friends as they are hiding themselves in this room.

Can you find all Simpsons and friends? Happy Puzzling!

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Twisting Tangrams – Magnetic Tangram With A Twist


Twisting Tangrams is another addition to my puzzle collection. Twisted Tangram is a magnetic version of the original Tangram but this time with a Twist.

Objective of Twisting Tangram is to create a mirrored image of all 240 given figures with the seven colored and magnetic Tangram puzzle pieces.

Twisting Tangram is a perfect puzzle for kids, it is a simple and perfect sized booklet with inside on the left side all 300 Tangram figures to solve and on the right side the seven colored and magnetic Tangram puzzle pieces which stick on the [Read More...]

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Liquid Measure – Online Puzzle Game


Liquid Measure is a nice but simple but fun math puzzle game by SmartCode.

Object of Liquid Measure is to fill all the pots 100% with water to complete each level. Use the given pieces to control the flow, just drag the to the game grid where you think they should be.

The capacity of each pots and tank is displayed. Don’t waste a drop of valuable water. There are twenty puzzling levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Children Room Escape – Escape The Room


Children Room Escape is another Escape The Room game this time by

Object of this escape the room game is to escape from the children room which is full of puzzles and other things to figure out. Happy Puzzling!

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Paper Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Paper Puzzle is a nice online puzzle game in Lights Out style.

In order for your drawing to move, all of the hexagons must be white. Just click on one of the hexagons and it will change colors. But be careful, the adjacent hexagons will also change colors.

Try to find the right combination in as less clicks as possible to get all of them to be white and your drawing will advance through to the next level. Happy Puzzling!


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Walnut Puzzle Table


Walnut Puzzle Table is a lovely wooden coffee table with a Burr Puzzle as stand.

Originally this puzzle table was designed for a commission with the brief to design a coffee table influenced by wooden puzzles. The base can be constructed to come apart like a puzzle, creating a talking point with guests, or as one solid piece.

The ash used for this table had strong olive patterning on it. Olive ash occurs where the heartwood does not develop in the normal way but shows as mid brown stripes alternating with [Read More...]

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Fragger Lost City – Online Puzzle Game


Fragger is back and not with extra Fragger Bonus Blast levels, but with sequel Fragger Lost City.

Object in this physics based puzzle game stays the same. Set the power and aim with the mouse then click to throw the grenades and blow up your targets. There are 30 puzzling levels for you to solve.

Check out Fragger for iPhone. Happy Puzzling!


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