Twisting Tangrams – Magnetic Tangram With A Twist

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Twisting Tangrams is another addition to my puzzle collection. Twisted Tangram is a magnetic version of the original Tangram but this time with a Twist.

Objective of Twisting Tangram is to create a mirrored image of all 240 given figures with the seven colored and magnetic Tangram puzzle pieces.

Twisting Tangram is a perfect puzzle for kids, it is a simple and perfect sized booklet with inside on the left side all 300 Tangram figures to solve and on the right side the seven colored and magnetic Tangram puzzle pieces which stick on the game grid.

Twisted Tangram is easy to take with you and always stays complete, so no worries to lose a Tangram piece or the Tangram puzzle booklet.

The Twist in this version of Tangram that the you have to create a mirrored for each of the 300 Tangem puzzles with the seven magnetic Tangram pieces. For the last 60 Tangram puzzles the objective is to create as well the original Tangram puzzle as well as the mirrored version.

The 300 Tangram puzzles come is several categories: people, animals, boats, objects and the last 60 are bonus objects.

Special thanks to Ed of for sending me this lovely magnetic version of Tangram. Happy Puzzling.

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