V-Cube 7 : ILLusion

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The V-Cube 7 ILLusion is now available at PuzzleMaster Inc., for a limited time, which offers a different challenge to cubers.

The V-Cube 7 ILLusion is made up of black and white cubies, making a checkerboard scheme on the cube, which may look effortless to solve, but look again, hence its name V-Cube 7 ILLusion.

Cubers who enjoy a little less intensified challenge will enjoy this cube and help build up cubing skills. You can enjoy the challenge of solving this black and white colored cube yourself, and you can also give one to your friends, family and co-workers as a pleasant home or office decor that they will be able to use and brag about.

Order now your V-Cube 7 ILLusion at PuzzleMaster Inc or buy V-Cube 7 ILLusion at Amazon, you do not want to miss this chance to own this mind boggling puzzle. Happy Puzzling!

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