Walnut Puzzle Table

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Walnut Puzzle Table is a lovely wooden coffee table with a Burr Puzzle as stand.

Originally this puzzle table was designed for a commission with the brief to design a coffee table influenced by wooden puzzles. The base can be constructed to come apart like a puzzle, creating a talking point with guests, or as one solid piece.

The ash used for this table had strong olive patterning on it. Olive ash occurs where the heartwood does not develop in the normal way but shows as mid brown stripes alternating with paler stripes. It is particularly attractive and often has a stronger patina and rippled effect than normal ash.

The top of this table is edged with rosewood to highlight the unusual construction of the top. As the rosewood is reclaimed it is not always available for this table. But another dark hardwood can be used as a substitute. Via Avery Furniture. Happy Puzzling!

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