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There are many websites where you can solve jigsaw puzzles online for free,  these three websites offers you the best and most beautiful jigsaw puzzles.

1. National Geographic Online Jigsaw Puzzles

National Geographic offers you an online jigsaw puzzle generator with more than 8,000 pictures of their beautiful photo collection, from which you can select photo’s in several categories (animals, plants, people, landscapes, etc.) and create an online jigsaw puzzle.

Via options you can select the size of the puzzle pieces (small, medium and large). The smaller the jigsaw pieces the more difficult the jigsaw puzzle.

Next to that, National Geographic offers you a beautiful and giant online 300-piece jigsaw puzzle of the giant 300-foot (approx. 90 meters) and 1,600 year-old Redwood.

Finish fast enough and you can get your name entered into the leader-board. You must have a National Geographic account and be logged in in order to post your name into the leader-board.


JigZone offers you free online daily jigsaw puzzle with thousands of beautiful pictures and puzzle cuts.

Each day you can choose the level of difficulty of your jigsaw puzzle from a simple 6 piece cut to a challenging 247 piece cut with different kind of puzzle pieces. You can always find a picture you like to create a jigsaw puzzle.

There are different categories like Animals, Art, Flowers & Gardens, Holidays ,Nature Scenes, Ocean Life, Sport, Transport, Travel and Things.

And if you want to share your passion for puzzles you can always send puzzle postcards to your friends.

3. Jigsaw Planet

The image collection of Jigsaw Planet is not very large, but the best is that you can upload your own photo and create your very own online jigsaw puzzle and select the number of jigsaw pieces (4 to 200) and shape of the jigsaw pieces (8 different shapes).

Feel free to leave a comment below with your own favorite online jigsaw puzzle website. Happy Puzzling!

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