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Oxbow Puzzle is an online logic puzzle game by Puzzles.com Puzzle Club. Oxbow Puzzle is a Flash version of a very old puzzle. You start with four Orange marbles on the left, four Blue ones on the right, and one empty hole in the middle.

Object is to move the Blue marbles to the left and the Orange – to the right, again living an empty hole in the middle.

There are the next rules to solve the puzzle:
1. The marbles move (or jump) one at a time.
2. The marbles move forward only (Blue – to the left, Orange – to the right), and never backward.
3. Any marble can move one step into an empty hole next to it.
4. Any marble can jump over one marble next to it, landing then on an empty hole right behind it.
5. You can’t jump over two or more marbles.
6. The puzzle has to be solved with a minimum number of moves.

Can you solve Oxbow Puzzle in just 24 moves? Happy Puzzling!

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