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Quadsum is a math puzzle game designed by Hilaria and Ludi and can help students learn algebraic reasoning, logic, and the basic elements of combinatorics. Quadsum supports many NCTM standards.

Object of Quadsum is to enter an number from 1 to 9 in each of the quad (small squares). The four quad numbers at the corners of a sum (large) square must add up to that sum number, and there can no duplicate quad numbers for that sum number.

A Quadsum puzzle can contain up to 21 sums (the numbers from 10 to 30), so there are many different sizes and layouts possible. The design of a particular layout is a factor in controlling the level of difficulty and the number of solutions. The puzzles cover four levels of difficulty. Many of the puzzles have multiple correct solutions.

You can try Quadsum online before buying it. For now Quadsum is only available for Windows PC’s but they are working on a Mac version. Happy Puzzling!

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