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For almost 25 years Snafooz (aka Happy Cube, Marble Cube, Little Genius, Profi Cube and Wirrel Warrel) is part of my puzzle collection, and now Happy Cube / Snafooz is again number 1 in popular puzzle item list at PuzzleMaster Inc.

Snafooz is made from pliable foam rubber and comes in 6 different colors and each is a different difficulty level. Not only is each Snafooz puzzle a challenge but when you get more than one they can be assembled into new and different shapes. Snafooz range in difficulty from level 5 to level 8.

Extra information about Snafooz puzzles can be found at Happy with a new collection of Happy Cubes, solutions. You can even download software which helps you to solve Happy Cube puzzles. Happy Puzzling!

Update : You can also buy Happy Cube Foam Puzzle at Amazon

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