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SmartPhone – Logic Puzzle Game


SmartPhone is the latest addition to my puzzle collection thanks to Raf Peeters, puzzle designer for SmartGames.

SmartPhone is a fun sliding puzzle in the form of a clamshell mobile phone, with 32 challenges to take with you wherever you go.

This logic puzzle looks like Fifteen puzzle only this time the sliding tiles cover two numbers. Object of each of the 32 challenges is to form the number as given on the challenge cards.

Very nice logic puzzle game for kids, aged 7 and up. A set of extra [Read More...]

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Vehicles – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Vehicles is a lovely online physics based puzzle game from the creator of WereBox.

Object of Vehicles is to use the ‘good cars’ to help push the ‘bad cars’ off the game grid.

There are 35 challenging levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Physics-Based Puzzlers


Blobs 2 – Peg Solitaire Puzzle Game


Blobs 2 is a nice little peg solitaire based puzzle game.

Object of Blobs 2 is to jump with a Blob over another Blob to an empty space until all Blobs but one is left.

There are 100 levels for you to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Wallace’s Workshop – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Starting November 2010, Wallace (yep, the Wallace from Wallace and Gromit) turns his hand to TV presenting and takes an eccentric look at some cracking real-life contraptions accompanied by his faithful side-kick (turned camera-dog) Gromit.

To promote this television show the BBC also released a physics based puzzle game called Wallace’s Workshop, in which you have to invent, build and crash test Wallace from A to B in this highly addictive physics game by completing contraptions with batteries, cables, motors, wheels and other items in your [Read More...]

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Blosics 2 Level Pack – Online Puzzle Game


Blosics 2 Level Pack is just 30 more levels for Blosics 2 which is the sequel to the physics based puzzle game Blosics by Igrek Productions.

Also in Blosics 2 Level Pack you’ve to remove as many green blocks (not the red ones) of the stage as possible by flinging a ball, hold mouse button to let them grow and release.

Launch balls into stacks of blocks, earning points for each green block you knock off the 30 stages. Happy Puzzling!


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Halloween Puzzles – Online Puzzle Games


To get a bit in the mood for the upcoming holiday of Halloween with tale of witches, Jack O’Lanterns, trick or treaters, goblins and of course a few Halloween puzzle games:

Pumpkin Remover – a Halloween themed block removal puzzle game. Halloween Bubble – another bubble shooter but now in Halloween style. Halloween 2 – a Halloween point-’n-click puzzle game by Minoto. Witchcraft – a Mastermind clone in Halloween style. Halloween Smash – a match three puzzle game with Halloween

Well with so many [Read More...]

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nanoPath – Online Maze Puzzle Game


nanoPath is an intriguing online puzzle game by

Object of nanoPath is to plan and to program the traject that Nano (or Nano’s) has to follow through the labyrinth/maze. Avoid touching walls and all other obstacles.

Every level is a bit more difficult so you will learn along the way how to solve each puzzle through 36 challenging and puzzling levels. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Maze Puzzles

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