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Dynamic Systems 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Dynamic Systems 2 is the sequel to Dynamic System, one of the most popular physics based puzzle games in 2009.

Dynamic Systems is inspired by Rube Goldberg Machines, this online puzzle game poses you with intricate puzzles and challenges.

Use logic and skill to complete and fix the broken structures and try to get the metal ball into the old rust bucket using the metal rods and all other objects from the toolbox on the left side of the game grid.

If things don’t go your way click on [Read More...]

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Pumpkin Remover – Block Removal Puzzle Game


Pumpkin Remover is an online block removal puzzle game and a Red Remover spin-off in Halloween style.

Object of Pumpkin Remover is to remove all rotten pumpkins and leave the fresh pumpkins on the game grid. Happy Puzzling!


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Medieval Puzzle Escape – Escape The Room


Medieval Puzzle Escape is another Escape The Room / puzzle game by Rotuc.

Object of Medieval Puzzle Escape is to escape from the medieval castle room. Do this by solving different kind of puzzles and using weapons if needed. Happy Puzzling!

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M.C. Escher Mirror Puzzle


M.C. Escher Mirror Puzzle (a.k.a. Mirrorkal Escher) is a brilliant designed puzzle. As Dutch artist M.C. Escher is well-known for his geometric-inspired prints that often feature impossible designs, M.C. Escher Mirror Puzzle adds just another dimension with two mirrors inside each of the nine cubes.

Goal of M.C. Escher Mirror Puzzle is to arrange nine mirrored cubes in order to complete one of five famous Escher images. Each cube includes two mirrors as well as slices from the five puzzles.

Buy M.C. Escher Mirror Puzzle at Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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I Love Traffic – Online Puzzle Game


I Love Traffic is an interesting online puzzle game in which you have to manage traffic on intersections by controlling traffic lights.

Object of I Love Traffic is to send all cars from all directions through the intersection. Guide speeding cars through increasingly busy intersections and avoid collisions.

Get the required number through each level to move on! Levels get harder, traffic gets fuller. Get ready for some major gridlock. Happy Puzzling!

I Love Traffic is also available for iPhone.


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Jigsaw Storage System


Jigsaw Storage is a lovely jigsaw puzzle piece themed storage furniture by Tom Seymour.

These contemporary modular jigsaw storage units gives the user the chance to change the shape and look of their storage system at will. The Jigsaw Storage system is a fun and interactive product that is witty and creative in form and function.

Tom Seymour is still looking for a manufacturer of his Jigsaw Storage System. Happy Puzzling!

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Sandy Room Escape – Escape The Room


Sandy Room Escape is yet another Escape The Room game this time from IchWillSpielen, a German game website, but don’t worry, the game is in English.

Object is to escape the room by collecting the items and using them to in the correct places! Have fun with Sandy Room Escape. Happy Puzzling!

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Category: All Puzzles, Escape The Room Games

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