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Tetris-Bot a Tetris Playing Lego Robot


Tetris-Bot is a Tetris-playing Lego robot by Branislav Kisacanin and made Tetris -Bot in order to engage his kids in a fun and educational project.

Tetris-Bot consists of a camera, a TI DM6437 DSP board (running my embedded vision and artificial intelligence algorithms), and a three-finger LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotic hand (that presses the keys on the computer keyboard).

Branislav Kisacanin was inspired by the Lego NXT Rubik’s Cube Solver and Lego Sudoku solvers and the Segway-like NXT robots. Unlike them, Tetris-Bot [Read More...]

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Gravit-Eye – Online Puzzle Game


Gravit-Eye is yet another online puzzle game in which you definitely need some puzzle skills.

Object is to move the eye to the target, utilizing gravity shifting to soar through cleverly designed levels. The levels starts very easy but get  more difficult later on. There are in total forty challenging levels for you to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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GemGrab – Online Puzzle Game


GemGrab is yet another physics based puzzle game with Gems coming from the same developer of Perfect Balance, Perfect Balance 2 and Perfect Balance : New Trails.

Object is to collect all thirty gems to your treasure in this original physics puzzle. Use mouse to move the gems and all other objects. Click down on any object and hold the mouse to drag it, [Read More...]

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Sirtet – Tetris Based Online Puzzle Game


Sirtet (Tetris spelled backwards) is a nice action puzzle game based upon world famous puzzle game Tetris, but this time with one block at the time.

Object of Sirtet is to form tetrads (four-piece groups) out of the different shaped and colored falling Tetris pieces. But remember – only four pieces per group. If you create larger groups the become ‘stone’ and will not disappear.. Happy Puzzling!

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Android Powered Lego Rubik’s Cube Solver


This is yet another Lego Rubik’s Cube solver, designed and programmed using an ARM Powered Android Motorola Droid smart phone, a LEGO Mindstorms NXT and lots of yellow LEGO Technic pieces.

The Android App running on the Droid mobile phone uses the phones camera to take pictures of each face of the cube and sends the solution to the LEGO NXT controller via Bluetooth and is able to solve Rubik’s Cube in just 24 seconds. [via [Read More...]

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Shrink It Falling – Online Puzzle Game


Shrink It Falling is a nice online puzzle game in which have to try to get the smiley icon to fall off the screen by either shrinking the blocks or the smiley itself.

To play shrink it falling use the mouse click on an object to shrink it and click on an object and hold space-bar to make it grow.

If you are stuck you can always have a look at the Shrink It Falling walkthrough. Happy Puzzling!


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Biomass – Online Puzzle Game


Biomass is the latest platform puzzle game by FunFlow.Me. Biomass is just a new twist on the color-a-row-to-make-it-disappear concept kind of puzzle game.

Biomass is very simple to play, but difficult to master and to get an impressive high-score. Object is to clear a horizontal row by coloring the masses in one color. Happy Puzzling!


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