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eBoy’s Pixelated Design Genius – iPhone Puzzle Game


Pixelated wonderland indeed! After their propagation of their 3-D world on 2-D mediums, eBoy (no affiliation with eBay) finally found the ideal canvas – Apple iPhone. Worked in conjunction with app designer Delicious Toys, the eBoy FixPix is not just a simple App Game.

With gentlest tilt, players put back together a intricate 3-D puzzle. Complexity increase as more 3 dimensional layers juxtaposed on one another. Think of it as a contemporary Rubik’s Cube, where dexterity and visual perception really comes into play.

Soon to be available in the iTune App Store. [via FreshnessMag]. Happy Puzzling!

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Blockular 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Blockular 2 is the sequel to the award winning and popular puzzle game Blockular. Blockular 2 comes with three different play modes : Blitz, Quick and Chilled.

Object is to reunite your characters by sliding them together in Arcade or Story mode. You can remove blocks by clicking three or more adjacent blocks of the same color and drag them with your mouse to the direction you want (up, right, down or left).

New blocks will appear from the direction which you moved your mouse. You will have to do other things [Read More...]

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Take It Down – Online Puzzle Game


Take It Down is yet another physics based demolition puzzle game by Funky

Object is to take buildings down and demolish old derelict buildings without damaging nearby structures. To play take it down use the mouse to remove building blocks from the old housing structures. Happy Puzzling!

If you liked Take It Down you will probably like: - Demolition City - Demolition City 2 - Building Blaster - Demolition Dude


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Tangram – Online Puzzle Game


Tangram is an old Chinese board game and is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes.

The objective of Tangram is to form a specific shape (given only in outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may not overlap.

This online version of Tangram really tests your mind as you try to form shapes with the pieces that you are given. The overall purpose of this game is to use the seven puzzle pieces, which are shapes, to correctly make a picture in the grid. As each [Read More...]

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Saturn – Escape The Room


Saturn is the third in a series of a long planetaria series of escape the room puzzle games by Terminal House.

Object is of course to escape the room.  The two previous planetaria room escape games are Neptune and Uranus. Happy Puzzling!

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Results World Sudoku Championship 2010


World Sudoku Championship 2010, an International Competition sponsored in part by the World Puzzle Federation, in Philadelphia with over 30 participating countries has ended.

Polish puzzle solver Jan Mrozowski became the world Sudoku champion for the second time (see WSC 2009 Sudoku battle), and a team from Germany took home the national trophy after two days of tense play in Center City among about 120 of the world’s best Sudoku solvers from 32 countries.

You can find all information about the participants, example Sudoku puzzles and much more at the World Sudoku Championship [Read More...]

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Let It Glow – Online Puzzle Game


Let It Glow is the latest online physics based puzzle game by

Object of Let It Glow is to connect two energy sources and light the bulb by removing other objects in the right order.

Can you solve all 20 levels with your logic? Happy Puzzling!


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