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Slide 3D – Online Puzzle Game


Slide 3D in an online puzzle game in which you can only move a block by sliding it.

The goal of these 3D slide puzzles is to move a block or more blocks onto a specified position. There are a few rules: At all times, must every block in the structure be fully supported by other blocks or the ground.

The controls are quite simple, slide a block by dragging it. Hold the goal button to see the aim of the puzzle. The representation on the right is just a visual aid. You [Read More...]

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Starlight – Online Puzzle Game


Starlight is a nice little puzzle game by ArmorGames and the main question is “What do you see in the night sky?”

Object is to find what pictures are hidden among the stars. Use your mouse to rotate stars. Your goal is to find a viewpoint where stars form a picture in all 64 levels. Happy Puzzling!

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Nina Ottosson’s Puzzle Toys for Dogs – Dog Smart


Nina Ottosson from Sweden started in 1993 with development and design of dog-activating toys and games for dogs and dog-owners, which is to mentally activate the dog in a positive and educational manner.

Dog Smart is an ingenious game for you and your dog. Hide treats or dry food bits in the cavities under the bricks. Let the dog search for the treats by moving the bricks aside, either with the paw or the nose. It is not possible to lift the bricks. Ingenious and full of fun.

You can also make it more difficult by locking the bricks [Read More...]

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World Of Confusion – Online Puzzle Game


World Of Confusion is an addictive puzzle game by Koko digital and is basically used as a viral to promote the website (there is absolutely no need to visit this website to play this puzzle game).

Object is to get your fosterlings through the World Of Confusion in this draw puzzle game. Pave the way, stop your dudes or block risks by drawing lines with the mouse in fifteen challenging levels. Happy Puzzling!


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Shapely Slitherlink


2010 started really good as free puzzle directory The Griddle published a brilliant Slitherlink variant called Shapely Slitherlink created by David Millar.

For each Shapely Slitherlink puzzle, draw a single closed loop along the grid lines using the clues given. The loop must not have any intersections with three or more line segments and must not have any dead ends with a single line segment coming to a halt. The shapes in each square are placeholders representing the number of surrounding lines that are part of the loop – 0 [Read More...]

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Tantrix – Online Puzzle Game


Tantrix Puzzles Online is a great addition to the website.

The original Tantrix puzzle has been part of my puzzle collection for a long time and almost four years ago I wrote already about the Tantrix website.

Now you can solve Tantrix puzzles online, they start easy but gradually increase in more difficult puzzles. And as game play is very easy you just can not stop solving Tantrix Puzzles. Happy Puzzling!


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Crossword Puzzles For Kindle


Crosswords for Kindle, Vol. 1, allows you to play interactive crossword puzzles directly on your Amazon Kindle.

Puzux is the first company to bring quality interactive content to Amazon’s Kindle. Working with renowned crossword writer Myles Mellor, their aim is to deliver the best in mind-games to your Kindle whenever and wherever you are.

Crosswords for Kindle includes five complete crosswords for you to solve. You can save your progress and any point, check your answers and get the full solutions for your puzzle. You can also try a sample of our [Read More...]

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