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Test Your Plane – Online Game by GE


Test Your Plane by GE isn’t really a puzzle game, but it still fun and you can still puzzle to design a perfect plane and test it in flight.

Designing an airplane isn’t easy. You have to know aerodynamics, physics, and how to balance lift, drag, and engine fuel efficiency so that they all work together. No designing an airplane isn’t easy at all. Happy Puzzling!


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Creationary Game by Lego


Lego is not only a construction toys for kids, but also for puzzle lovers to create fantastic Lego Robots to solve the world famous puzzle and even Sudoku puzzles.

Now Lego also introduces some great Lego games, the world’s first collection of games that you build, play and change. With the unique buildable Lego Dice and changeable rules, Lego Games is a great way of having fun together with family and friends.

Roll the Lego Dice in Lego Creationary Game to select one of four exciting building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things. [Read More...]

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Magnetic Rush – Physics Puzzle Game


Magnetic Rush is a physics based puzzle game sponsored by AXE (known as a brand of men’s grooming products).

Object of Magnetic Rush is to master magnetic force and gravity. Use magnetic force gently to control magnets and navigate them through each level of this very dynamic online puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!


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Quadsum – Math Puzzle Game


Quadsum is a math puzzle game designed by Hilaria and Ludi and can help students learn algebraic reasoning, logic, and the basic elements of combinatorics. Quadsum supports many NCTM standards.

Object of Quadsum is to enter an number from 1 to 9 in each of the quad (small squares). The four quad numbers at the corners of a sum (large) square must add up to that sum number, and there can no duplicate quad numbers for that sum number.

A Quadsum puzzle can contain up to 21 sums (the numbers from 10 to 30), so there are many different sizes [Read More...]

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Burr Puzzle Coffee Tables by Praktrik


Praktrik offers you a collection of different Burr puzzle based coffee tables. The come in the following Burr puzzle types; 1×3, 4×3, 6×3, 4×6, 1×2+1, 5×4, 2×3 en 1×6.

The Burr puzzle coffee table on the picture on the left side is a 4×6 by interlocking burr puzzles inspired coffee table. It consists of 24 (4 different types, 6 pieces of each) wooden sticks and a 10mm thick tempered glass top. All parts stay together without the need of glue and nails.

The Burr puzzle coffee table / stool is part of “impossible” collection for it is theoretically [Read More...]

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Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot (with as few as 17 turns in 15 seconds)


Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot created by two students of Rowan University solved a Rubik’s Cube with as few as 17 turns in 15 seconds.

The creators of this Rubik’s Cube solving robot, Zachary Grady, 22, a senior electrical and computer engineering (ECE) and Joe Ridgeway, 21, a senior ECE major used as heart of the Rubik’s Cube-Solving Robot a Siemens’ programmable logic controller (PLC), a piece of equipment used in industry for such tasks as automating assembly lines.

Watch Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot in action on Youtube. Happy Puzzling!

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Aequilibrium 3 – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Aequilibrium 3 is sequel of physics based puzzle game Aequilibrium and Aequilibrium 2 and looks like Red Remover and PuruPuru.

Object of Aequilibrium 3 is still the same as the previous two editions, remove all red objects from the screen and keep balanced. Enjoy 20 challenging levels. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Physics-Based Puzzlers

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