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Original Sudoku Calendar 2011 by Nikoli


Original Sudoku Calendar 2011 from Nikoli, the Japanese puzzle publisher who launched the Sudoku craze, comes the gold standard Sudoku calendar.

Each sudoku puzzle is hand-created, giving it an interactive feel that computer-generated puzzles can’t match. The sudoku puzzles, printed in full color, begin easy on the weekend and grow more difficult over the week. Happy Puzzling!


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CuberXtreme – Sokoban Puzzle Game


CuberXtreme is yet another Sokoban type of online puzzle game.

Object of CuberXtreme is to remove all the colored cubes from each stage, set up crazy combo chains, learn the secrets of all the special cubes.

There are 17 starter levels for you to solve. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Sokoban Puzzles


Milo Physics – Online Puzzle Game


Milo Physics is an interesting logic puzzle game / physics puzzler by

Object is to drop colored shapes on the stage and release the red ball so that it touches all of the stars in each level.

There are 36 puzzling levels to solve and for the real puzzlers there are two extra bonus levels. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Physics-Based Puzzlers


Connect The Dots – Online Logic Puzzle Game


Connect The Dots is a small but difficult online logic puzzle game by PuzzleCow.

Object is to connect all the dots in just 5 levels, with a limited number of connected lines. Use your mouse to draw the line.

Connect The Dots starts easy but will become very difficult at the end. You can find a link to all five solutions on the same page. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Math Puzzles


Magic Cube – 1×3 Rubik’s Cube


Magic Cube is a rotational puzzle just like the original Rubik’s Cube.

Magic Cube is not a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube but a Rubik’s Cube with just one side 1x3x3. Object is to mix Magic Cube up and put back just as it looked like when you started. Happy Puzzling!

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Category: All Puzzles, Rubik's Cube


Scramball – Online Maze Puzzle Game


Scramball is a lovely online maze puzzle game with some extra puzzling elements and physics added.

Object is to find your way through the maze to the exit hole while dodging black holes and finding keys. There are twenty levels to solve, 5 levels per world. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Maze Puzzles, Physics-Based Puzzlers


Railroad Shunting Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Railroad Shunting Puzzle is a challenging online railroad shunting puzzle (aka transport puzzle).

Object of Railroad Shunting Puzzle is to route locomotives and wagons to their relevant destination in various layouts. Couple and uncouple wagons and change junctions in the right order to achieve deliver the right wagons at the right place.

There are 21 Railroad Shunting Puzzle levels to solve and as a great extra you can design your own railroad shunting levels. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles

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