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Loopz – Memory Game By Mattel


Loopz Game is a skill and action music memory game by Mattel that really gets kids moving. Loopz Game is an extended version of the world famous Simon Says memory game.

Loopz is an interactive device that consists of four semi-circular rings. The “loops” flash with ever-quickening patterns of light and music which players must mimic by waving their hands through the corresponding loops. Motion sensors in each loop read the action to ensure each sequence was repeated correctly. The longer you play, the faster it gets.

Stay alert—miss 3 times and you’re [Read More...]

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Ball Balance – Online Puzzle Game


Ball Balance is a nice online puzzle game which combines physics and math.

Object of Ball Balance is as the names already says, to drop balls on a balance. Every ball has a set weight so drop them wisely to keep everything in balance.

Match at least three balls of the same color horizontally or vertically to make them disappear. Happy Puzzling!


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Old Constructor – Physics Puzzler


Old Constructor is yet another online physics based puzzle game. This physics puzzler is the same as many others but still fun to solve.

Object of Old Constructor is to balance all given shapes on the existing plaftorm. Use all the shapes and rotate them if necessary to pass each of the 18 levels. Happy Puzzling!


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Gear Cube Extreme Puzzle


Gear Cube Extreme is like the Gear Cube but Meffert’s has made it even tougher. Gear Cube Extreme will have you stumped. Now you can change any piece with any other piece on the cube.

Gear Cube Extreme is a challenge you won’t want to put down. Difficulty level for Gear Cube Extreme is 10 out of 10.

Buy this mind boggling Gear Cube Extreme puzzle at PuzzleMaster. Happy Puzzling!


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Octo Puzzles – Sudoku Meets Kakuro


Octo Puzzles are a combination between Sudoku and Kakuro and comes in Octo Puzzle Books by Doug Gardner

The goal of an Octo puzzle is to place the numbers 1 to 8 in each of the octagons such that the numbers are not repeated in any octagon, row, column, or diagonal. As clues, you get the numbers in the triangles at the beginning and end of the shorter diagonals, which are the sum of the four or six numbers in that diagonal. The number in the diamond is a different clue–it’s the sum of the four numbers that [Read More...]

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Switchman 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Switchman 2 is an addictive and also beautiful designed puzzle game with pencil drawings and unusual game-play.

Object is to dispatch trains to the correct destination. Click on switch for change the way the train travels.

Switchman starts very easy but later on it gets more difficult as you have to dispatch more trains at the same time and manage the switches also during the train ride.

The less clicks you make on switches the better your score. Happy Puzzling!


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Choologic – Logic Puzzle Game


Choologic is a great family-friendly logic puzzle game by FreeGamesJungle.

Object of Choologic is to guide all trains safely to their destination. Make sure each colored train arrives at the correct destination by rotating or twisting tiles with different pieces of railroad tracks. Click on the Choo Choo button to start the trains and see the result.

Can you solve all 21 levels of railroad puzzles? Happy Puzzling!


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