Solving A Puzzle Before The Meal With JOIN

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Already in October 2010 we wrote about JOIN a Cutlery Burr Puzzle. Now there is more information available on how JOIN is made possible by BASF.

Brain-teaser, table decoration and eating utensil in one: JOIN cutlery from the design studio ding3000 is molded in Ultramid A3EG6 FC, a food contact-approved special polyamide from BASF. Together with the Hanover-based designers, the BASF designfabrik contributed to successful completion of the project.

The cutlery, consisting of fork, knife and spoon, assembles to form a 3-D puzzle: Each of the three utensils has an opening in the middle that allows them to be joined, forming a small yet stable free-standing sculpture that challenges the user to test his or her mental dexterity before being able to eat.

The product with the unusual design has been available from Konstantin Slawinski since August 2010. Happy Puzzling! (Via BASF)

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