Vinco Minibox Q1.5 Puzzle

Vinco Minibox Q1.5

Oh yeah!!!! Thatís right people Iíve hit the big time.† My mind control powers really are starting to work now baby!!!† This is my first post on Passion for Puzzles!!!† Maybe you are asking yourself?† How did this dude get through the door or how many exclamation points does this guy need!!!!† On a serious note, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Marcelís work.† He was the main contributor to this website in the past. †I found a lot of interesting information about puzzles on this website and I invite newcomers to look around. † †One cannot [Read More...]

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Banzai Dice

Banzai Dice

Banzai Dice is a point scoring puzzle app. The object is to create strings of 4 consecutive numbers or 4 identical numbers to score points, and make those dice disappear from the grid. A string could be horizontal, vertical, in the shape of a square or even a zigzag pattern – but not diagonal. The left column indicates the next 6 dice to place onto the field. You may place the number in any column where a plunger will finalize the move. However, a 3 cannot go under a 3. If the board fills up, the [Read More...]

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