Vinco Minibox Q1.5 Puzzle

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Oh yeah!!!! That’s right people I’ve hit the big time.  My mind control powers really are starting to work now baby!!!  This is my first post on Passion for Puzzles!!!  Maybe you are asking yourself?  How did this dude get through the door or how many exclamation points does this guy need!!!!  On a serious note, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Marcel’s work.  He was the main contributor to this website in the past.  I found a lot of interesting information about puzzles on this website and I invite newcomers to look around.    One cannot replace such a passion for puzzles that Marcel clearly exhibited.  We can only hope to learn from his extensive work and contribute in our own way.  Marcel you will be missed……  Although, I would think that he would be delighted to see that his work has inspired others to share their passion about puzzle.  Even a puzzle rookie like myself :)

Today I’m going to talk about a puzzle from a designer that makes some really nice looking puzzles.  The puzzle designer I’m talking about is Vinco or Václav Obšiva?.  He is from the Czech Republic.  First off, I have to say that this isn’t his prettiest work.  It’s a rather straight forward packing puzzle.  Does this mean that it’s not worth your time.  No, I wouldn’t say that but if you have a few extra coins then I would go with one of his sphere interlocking puzzles.  They really do look like a work of art.   The puzzle I’m reviewing is called Minibox Q1.5.  The puzzle comes with eight pieces and a container.  The goal is to dissemble and reassemble the puzzle.  Puzzle Master rates it a 9 out of 10 in difficulty.  I’m not sure if I agree.  Maybe the planets were aligned the day that I solve the puzzle because it didn’t take too long.  You can find this puzzle at Puzzle Master.  However, I didn’t see a solution for this puzzle on their solution webpage.

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