Arrow Point: puzzle app is free until September 3rd.

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The object of Arrow Point is to place 16 tiles in the middle of the grid so that the numbered squares on the perimeter have exactly that many number of arrows pointing at them.

Look at the first image. Notice the tiles all have 1 arrow and they are orthogonal.  Now look at the second image. The tiles have two arrows and they are orthogonal and diagonal. Tough!

Look at the squares in the perimeter. See the yellow one that says 2/3. The top number indicates that many arrows should point to it. The bottom number indicates that 3 arrows are actually pointing at it. Because that’s not kosher, the square is yellow. Green is good!

Richard Rice is the author of Arrow Point. According to him, any time you open an easy, medium, hard or expert level, a brand new puzzle will be created. Therefore: infinite number of puzzle levels.

I’ve played Arrow Point for about 1.5 hours. I have not succeeded in solving an expert level – yet.

Arrow Point is now free through September 3rd.

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