Cogs is a game for Android phone as well as for iPhone and is available on the desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Here are the links to either the Demo or the Full Game.  If you are the kind of person that can remember The 15 Puzzle, or are playing it even now, you will like this game.  Even if you haven’t played The 15 Puzzle, chances are good that you will like this game.  I have played The 15 Puzzle game and remembered absolutely despising it as a kid.  I would work at it for hours trying to figure out how to move the pieces in the right place to get it solved.  I didn’t solve it then and I still can’t solve it very well now, without trying over and over again to solve it.

There are two different areas of play in the game.  One is inventor mode which takes you through 50 different levels.  The next is challenge mode which will either give you 30 seconds to solve a puzzle or 10 moves to solve it.  I started off with the inventor mode since I’m not completely insane.  Ok maybe just a little but that’s not part of this review.

What kind of game is it you may ask?  You are presented on each level a start and a finish and you have to join up the pieces from one to the other.  Sounds easy enough?  You would be wrong if you said yes.  As you progress in the game it gets harder and harder.  I have not been able to finish all the levels yet but that doesn’t say much for me since I can hardly solve the 15 puzzle yet.  Sliding the pieces back and forth or up and down to connect the start and finish seems like a mundane task but my little tiny brain does not seem to be able to grasp the concept of it.  Ok I’m not stupid, I keep telling myself this as I play the game, but my thinking just does not grasp the concept.  Oh well.  I will play other puzzles that others think are tough and I find a breeze.

When you are finished sliding the pieces around you are presented with a final score.  You are graded on time it took to solve it as well as how many moves you took.  You are given 1 to 3 stars depending on how well you did.  The faster you are and the fewer moves you take, gives you more stars.  Just like in school.

As far as graphics in this game goes, I am very happy with how it is laid out.  It feels like you are in a workshop with some mad scientists idea of a puzzle.  All the gears spin around like you are trying to join the insides of a robot.  Once again I am impressed by the level of detail in this game as far as graphics go.  Obviously there was some thought in each level to make it different from the one before.  It is a new idea on a new concept which is a good thing as far as puzzles go.

The music is good to listen to and feel like they have been made by the same machine that made the puzzles for you.  With the sounds of whirring gears and the sound of metal, you feel right at home listening to them.  Same goes with the sound effects.

I quite enjoyed this game and have hinted at my friends to give it a try as well, even if they aren’t puzzle people.  Most people have picked it up and said that they enjoyed it.  I would recommend this game to almost anyone.  Maybe not for 1 to 4 year old children.  Ok parents if you think your kids are smart give them this game and see how well they do.  Happy puzzling.

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I have been puzzled and puzzling others for years. I am most happy when I am solving puzzles of any kind. I enjoy challenges and will accept most any challenge.

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