What can I say about this game other then its absolutely brilliant and refreshing.  This game has versions for Pc, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.  Machinarium is not your typical adventure game at all.  I have been playing adventure games since 1992 and out of all the great games that I have played this one is in the top 3.  I would only put the first time I played Myst and Pandora Directive as better games.  Those are older games though.  Welcome to the new, out of the box thinking of adventure games from Indie projects.

Ok enough with saying how amazing it is, let’s tell why it is so great.

First off, in the beginning there was robots.  You start off as a robot who gets thrown out with the trash.  Finding yourself with only a torso and one leg, with your head above you and your arms somewhere in the rubble, is not what I would call a good start to a day.  Hmm maybe I should call it a typical Monday start.  After figuring out how to get your body back you are faced with another dilemma on the next screen.  This is the way this game goes throughout the whole game.  Finish a problem and on to the next with no end in sight.  Having no dialogue to read during the game and no way to fully comprehend what is going on just made the game that much more enjoyable.  I won’t say too much more about the story as that just spoils the fun of the game.

Graphics:  Just like all the other games by this company, Amanita Designs, the graphics are kid like drawn but are meant to be that way and are still very fluid in there movements.  It’s not like it was thrown together very quickly, as I’m sure lots of thought went into making every single screen.  No stone left unturned in any of the games they have put out.  The backgrounds are what really captivate you to look at every scene as close as you can.  You will be spending a lot of time looking for something that will work with what you are given.  To me this only made the game that much more enjoyable.  As far as graphics go, this is the way that puzzle adventure games should be made.

Music/Sound: Wow!  Is it right to start off a paragraph like that?  I don’t know but that’s the best word that I can think of.  The sound track for the game is something that you will want to play over and over again.  I know I did.  After finishing the game I brought the music to work and played it until I decided to move on to something else.  Its a great blend of music that fits the game so well, not something that was just thrown together at the last minute as an afterthought.  The sounds in the game are another fine aspect of what should be done.  All original sounds made by the team of designers for the game.  You won’t be finding these sounds on any other game out there I can assure you.  Very original and very well done.

Puzzles:  Oh yes there are puzzles, trust me on that one.  If you call finding all the pieces necessary to make a bird move an electric wire so you can get to the next screen a puzzle, then you have found your type of game.  It will definitely make you think over and over again, but not too challenging to make you get frustrated.  Time and patience is a virtue.  I would rank the puzzles as being of medium difficulty.  Not too hard that an amateur adventure gamer can’t play but not too easy that a seasoned pro would think it is too easy.

I would definitely recommend this too anyone who enjoys adventure games.  There is not too much bad that I can think of to say about this game other than I wish their was more to it or maybe a sequel.  I can only hope that there is one.  If you are looking for something different and want to give a puzzle game a try, you won’t go wrong with this one.  You can try the demo at there site, or by the full game for $10.  Happy puzzling.

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I have been puzzled and puzzling others for years. I am most happy when I am solving puzzles of any kind. I enjoy challenges and will accept most any challenge.

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