Optical Illusions – Black Dots

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This is a well know optical illusion created by L. Hermann. It has black squares, gray lines and white dots. What our eyes see is something different. They see the white dots turn to black or gray dots and appear to blink as you move your eyes around. The picture never changes or blinks at all. Letting your field of vision get wider you will see that they are all white dots. This is somewhat tricky to do without moving your eyes but can be done.

Optical illusions like this are easy to make but cause us to think of how our mind and eyes work. Well, it did for me at least. I have many questions. How do our eyes focus on each area of black squares? Why do the white dots appear grey as our eyes move slightly? Why does it appear to blink? All questions you might have.

Our minds are an amazing thing. We can train it to do so many things and yet we feel like we haven’t accomplished anything at all. As we start off our lives with a young, inquisitive mind, we get more and more curious of everything around us. Puzzles and optical illusions are one way to teach our minds to think outside the box.

Hope you enjoyed this optical illusion. Happy puzzling.

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