Secret Chamber

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Despite my earlier experience with Bits and Pieces not having very good quality products, I was happy with the way they handled my issues and decided to place another order with them. I got six boxes: Secret Chamber, The Elegant Kamei Bow Box, Secret Rectangle Box, Eclipse Box, One Panel Treasure Chest, and Secret Enigma Box. Most of them were on sale, so they were even cheaper than usual!

Of these boxes, Secret Chamber was probably my favorite and the most challenging. It is based on a design by Jean Claude Constantin and made out of walnut and pine. I like the appearance with the decorative inlaid stripes along the outside. The knobs are quite inviting and make you wonder what they could do.

This box makes quite a racket when you tilt it back and forth and the lid will lift somewhat but not all the way off. I fiddled with this one for about an hour before I finally solved it. Unfortunately, it just sort of opened: I didn’t find the ‘right’ solution. However, upon inspecting the mechanism I thought it was quite clever. It is based on a familiar principle, but¬†with an added touch.

I brought all of these boxes to Thanksgiving and was surprised that somebody actually figured this one out. She had the same experience that I did though: it just opened after some fairly random rattling, though I did give her a hint that probably made her rattling more effective.

Unfortunately, somebody twisted one of the knobs a bit too hard and damaged the mechanism somewhat. I don’t blame B&P for this though, I think it was a case of overly aggressive solving. No worries: a bit of glue should have it working good as new.¬†Overall, I would say that this is a fun little box and is a good deal for the money.

This article is an excerpt from More Bits and Pieces Puzzle Boxes, originally published November 30, 2009, and used with permission from Brian’s Damn Puzzle Blog.

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