Unblock Me Free – 4200 levels of addicting puzzles

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The game is called Unblock Me Free.  The game can be played on either the Android or the iPhone systems.  There is also a non free version for the iPhone.  In this review I will cover the Android version.

Since I like challenging puzzles of any kind, I was drawn to games like this.  For me there is nothing like sitting down and finding a few pieces on a board with one challenge to be solved.  Take the one piece and move it out of the play area.  This all seems very simple indeed but then they have to go and spoil it by putting other pieces in your way.  No matter we’ll just move the pieces around until we get the one piece out.  Hmmm okay that doesn’t work.  Nope that doesn’t work either.  Okay maybe if I ……. nope that is not going to work either.  Okay back to the start.  That is the usual brain pattern I get through most of this game.  You might ask me why would I want to torture myself with 4200 levels like this.  It is a question I have long asked myself.  I have come up with one answer; because it is a challenge and I accepted it.

Every level in here starts out in the same kind of way.  Move the red piece out of the play area with obstacles in its way.  You will soon discover, as have I, that this is easier said then done.  Some times it may take 102 moves just to get the one piece out or it may take you 5 moves.  Every level is different.  I’m sure that there are hints out there or solutions to all of these levels but what is the fun of that.  That means defeat, and I won’t be defeated…… I won’t, I say,  I won’t be defeated.  You can’t make me………..  uhmmm okay where was I.  Oh right now I remember.

Just when you think there is an end in hand the designer decides to go ahead and make more levels for the game.  Okay well I guess another challenge accepted.  I’ll just finish up the levels that I am on now and try out the levels that he has so kindly made for us.  As you can tell the game for me was rather addicting and I thoroughly enjoyed going from level to level and solving them as I went along.  I can not say that I was never frustrated at the game.  Oh yes there was plenty of frustration, but all in all the game kept me going until I felt that I had accomplished more than my brain could handle and put it down for the next time I wanted a challenge.

As far as graphics or music go, for me I don’t know why you would need them in a game like this.  You could give me a box with some blocks in it with a hole on the one side and that would be just fine for me.  I know it is not a flashy game as some people may like but for me it has kept me amused since I first got my Android phone almost 2 years ago.

I would recommend this game to anyone who has a craving for an easy concept game but a challenge none the less.  I have given this game to kids as young as 5 years old and for adults as old as 65 years old and they have all enjoyed playing it.  That is not an easy task but it is the kind of game that surpasses age groups.  If you have a mind that likes a challenge and will not back down until you solve it, this game is for you.

Happy puzzling.

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I have been puzzled and puzzling others for years. I am most happy when I am solving puzzles of any kind. I enjoy challenges and will accept most any challenge.

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