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Today we have two games that have totally blown my mind when I first got them.  That game is Edge, which comes in two parts, the next part being Edge Extended.  Edge has a demo for the game as well.   Here is the demo for Edge.  I have both of these games.  I got them from the Humble Bundlealong with a bunch of other games.

I will start you off with the concept of the game.  You are a cube that has to travel through a series of landscapes without falling into space.  This is done by either using a keypad on the screen or tilting the android phone or using your finger to move the cube.  I prefer using the keypad on screen as it made the movements so much easier for me.  You can hold yourself against other objects to keep from falling, as other objects move you to new areas.  Some objects move very fast and you will have to move around them without getting pushed off.  Other areas involve a sequence of manoeuvres to get to the end of the level.

From a very basic concept of design, comes a game that is very fun to play as well as never seen before.  I have played games that use a ball to manoeuvre around, and that was tricky, but using a cube to balance your way through a level is challenging.  As you progress through the level you will be picking up other cubes as points for your final score.  There are a certain amount of cubes to pick up in each level and you have to try to pick up as many as you. I had to go back through a lot of the levels just to get the ones that I missed.

The music in the games is industrial techno sounding music, with a voice box voice to start off each level.  The music is great to listen to as you play the game.  Everything just works for the game.

The graphics are cool too.  Its not mind blowing but why do you need to be so flashy to appeal to the puzzle crowd.  We want something that is both innovative as well as challenging, not flashy and distracting from the task at hand.

I have really enjoyed playing this game a lot.  I keep coming back to it after playing other games and still enjoy playing it.  I hope that you will pick up this game and give it a try like I have.  You will not be disappointed.

Happy puzzling.

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