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In searching for a new game to play, I came across a game called Grablox.  There are two versions of the game.  A free version which has ads and a paid version which has the ads taken out.  Both have exactly the same amount of levels and design.

In first seeing the game on google play I was interested by how the pictures looked.  I thought well this could be a kids game by the design.  I installed it and realized that it is definitely not for small kids as the puzzles are actually quite hard to do.  If you are looking for a straight forward press everything on the screen  until something happens game then this will not be what you want.  The object of the game is to clear the screen.  You do this by grabbing blocks to you.  You need at least 3 blocks together to make them disappear.  There are different kinds of blocks as well to help you or to make the game more challenging.  Some explode, some are just in the way, some are just crazy.  As the game progresses it gets harder and harder to finish a level.  The screen to choose your different levels is starting to look the same in a lot of new games lately.  Not saying that is bad just curious if there is a template out there for picking levels.  Hmmmm maybe I will have to make my own game.

After playing the game and finishing off 25 levels, I didn’t realize what time it was.  The game just grabbed me and had me wanting to finish the levels.  The game will not win awards for visual effects but in its simplicity is where this game excels.  It is nice to see a new design in the genre of match 3 objects games.

I would highly recommend this one to anyone who is interested in simple looking puzzle games.  There are only 100 levels right now but there are more on there way.  As it is a new game, it could have the potential to be a highly played game.  It has already shot up in the google play market top game.  Have a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.  Grablox

Happy puzzling.


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