Hungarian Tower of Babel puzzle

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This week we have the Hungarian Tower of Babel puzzle.  This is an old school puzzle that came out around the same time as the Rubik’s cube.  I don’t remember seeing this puzzle as a kid but I wish did I because it is a lot of fun.  The goal is to scramble up the colors and then place the colors back in place.  There is an added difficulty because each color goes from a very light to dark.  I have not quite solved it yet but I’ve been having a great time playing with it.  There is a built in mechanism that allows you to quickly unscramble the puzzle but I’ll let you figure that out.  I highly recommend this puzzle but I will say that I had some difficulty distinguishing the lightest colors.  Puzzling in a room with a good amount of light does help.  I received this puzzle from Puzzle Master and the solution is not provided on their solution webpage.

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