Love Test Puzzle

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Hold on to your boots people. Here comes the corniest puzzle intro of all time. Have you ever wanted to see how much someone really loves you? Well now you can with the Love Test Puzzle!!! For only….. Ha! It had to be done. Anyway, the puzzle I’m going to talk about is the Love Test Puzzle. The name is interesting and fits with the theme of the puzzle. The object of the Love Test Puzzle is to remove the wooden heart and string from the wooden container. The container measures 3.35 in x 2.56 in x 2.17 and fits comfortably in the hands. Philos also makes a similar version of the puzzle called the Mouse Trap Puzzle. Both of these puzzles are available at Puzzle Master. A Czech Republic puzzle company named Hryahlavolamy made the Love Test and Puzzle Master rates it a 7 out of 10 as far as difficulty.

Ok so when I received my shipment from Puzzle Master I was super excited about this puzzle because it looks interesting and I’ve never done a string puzzle. Before starting, I thought I had to figure out how to open the box but the lid opens up very easily. Twenty minutes into trying to figure it out, my better half asked if she could have a go at it. I gave her the “Love Test” puzzle and she solved it within five minutes!!! She then gave it back to me and asked the name of the puzzle. When I told her the name, she chuckled. I ended up taking another twenty minutes before I solved it. What can I say puzzlers, my wife is smarter. After all, she did pick me ;) As far as the puzzle, I really enjoyed fiddling with it because of opening and closing the wooden container and messing around with the string. The puzzle sparks up some fun conversations and isn’t incredibly difficult. Well it isn’t very difficult for some puzzlers :( If you need the solution, you can find it on the Puzzle Master solution webpage. Does this puzzle pull on my heartstrings (cheesy but I couldn’t resist)? Well I don’t know about getting emotional over it but I would highly recommend this puzzle because it is portable and fun.

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