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Now that I’ve had a chance to try a few puzzles, I wanted to get one that would look nice on my desk and didn’t take up too much space. I’ve already tried a few but they didn’t quite work out for various reason until I obtained the Well Game Puzzle. The puzzle is also called Brunnen puzzle or Brunnen Spiel. Brunnen Spiel is German for Well Game. This puzzle is designed by Markus Goetz and manufactured by a German game and puzzle company called Philos. This is my first Philos puzzle and it has left a very good impression because of the challenge and the quality of the build. The objective of the puzzle is to fit all the round pegs into a wooden container. Five of the puzzle pieces have three pegs glued together with varying heights and two pieces have two pegs with the same qualities. This would not be an especially difficult puzzle if you only needed to fill a cylinder area. The addition of an extra cavity adds to the complexity of the puzzle. Using a computer program, Markus was able to determine that there are five possible solutions to the Well Game. I think this adds the value of the puzzle because of replay ability. As an added bonus, the puzzle is also well built.

The pegs on the puzzle pieces are held firmly in place and the glue is hardly noticeable. I appreciate this because it shows that Philos isn’t only concerned with providing a functional puzzle but also one that is pleasing to the eye. When I picked up the wooden container, I was very surprised at how smooth it felt in my hand. Overall, the sanding done on this puzzle is exceptional which is good because I was holding it for a while. This is the first packing puzzle I’ve enjoyed taking an extended amount of time to solve. The puzzle provides some interesting alternative solutions because I was able to find two different solutions that made the puzzle appear to be in a solved state with six pieces. When I did find the seven piece solution it was not by chance but through reasoning out the right placement of the pieces. This made the puzzle very satisfying and worthwhile. I received this puzzle from PuzzleMaster and if you need the solution, it can be found through their solution webpage. However, I would suggest pressing through and solving this one on your own. In my opinion, it really is worth figuring out.

Philos Homepage (might take a while to load since it’s in Germany)

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